Board Update October 2021

Fall is often a time to slow down a little bit after the hectic pace of summer – to consider where you are and plan for the months ahead. RCCM’s board of directors has been doing just that (except for the slowing down part!). On the horizon are the next active phase of the capital campaign, planning for securing the additional funding necessary for store construction, and welcoming new board members to our team.Continue reading

Principle #7: Concern for Community

Cooperative businesses are governed by seven co-op principles that make them unique from other businesses. In previous newsletters, you have read about the other six principles: Open and Voluntary Membership; Democratic Member Control; Members’ Economic Participation; Autonomy and Independence;  Education, Training and Information; and Cooperation Among Cooperatives.Continue reading

Capital Campaign Updates

This past spring, the Rooted Carrot wrapped up the first public phase of its Capital Campaign by raising an amazing amount: $725,191! These contributions were comprised of loans provided by Co-op membership and donations by members and non-members, too. With this financial support, the greater Cedar Valley community has clearly demonstrated a keen interest in launching the area’s only community-owned grocery store.Continue reading

Board Update: A Sneak Peek Inside Rooted Carrot’s Site Team

What’s going on with the Co-op’s site, anyway? I’m sure many of you have this question and, although the wheels of progress move quietly sometimes, they are moving nonetheless! I’ll share all the details with you, but first I’d like to introduce you to the site team and give you an overview of the work that they do.Continue reading

August Board Update

We had a great time celebrating our volunteers in person at Washington Park! It was great to see everyone! Thank you to all the volunteers who have dedicated their time to the Co-op! Continue reading

Principle #5: Education, Training, and Information

Rooted Carrot Cooperative Market continues to gain support and grow in membership as we establish ourselves as a crucial component of Cedar Falls, Waterloo, and the surrounding communities. And as with all co-ops, we are governed by seven co-op principles that make us distinct from other businesses and organizations. In past Garlic Press issues, you have read about the first four of these principles: Open and Voluntary Membership, Democratic Member Control, Members’ Economic Participation, and Autonomy and Independence.Continue reading

July Board Update

The Board accepted Joy Thorson’s resignation from the Board effective July 1st. She will be greatly missed on the board with her years of experience with the Co-op. She has been a volunteer since 2015 and on the board for 4 ½ years and her passion for the Co-op is contagious! She wants to see a community-owned, healthy grocery store available in the Cedar Valley which will provide better food options and support local suppliers. She sees the Co-op as a perfect way to fulfill these needs and build even more community in Cedar Falls. You can still see Joy every month on Joyful Co-op Connections. Please read the Board Election article to see if you are interested in becoming a board member. We currently have two vacant positions. Continue reading

The Co-op Capital Campaign: Be the Bank!

Attention Rooted Carrot member-owners: Have you ever purchased a car? Bought a home? Took out a student loan? If so, then you know two things. First, that you couldn’t have done it without the bank loan. And second, well, it would be nice to be the bank some time, right? Well, now you have a chance to do so! Continue reading