Help Spread the Word

Help Grow Your Co-op!

The Co-op is growing, and with each new member-owner investing in this locally-owned business, we get closer to opening our store doors. Who can best recruit new members? Existing members!
As a member-owner, you have shown your commitment to getting our brick-and-mortar store here, so why not spread the word further to get it here sooner? Ask your friends and neighbors if they have heard about the Co-op. Tell them why you are a member-owner. Your story goes a long way to help them understand why this is a “must” in our community. We are in this together and cannot do this without all of us spreading the word

Host a Gathering

If you have several friends and neighbors who would benefit from learning more about the Co-op, invite them over to tell them your story of why you joined and how you’ve benefitted. We’ll be happy to have a Co-op representative join you if you wish to answer questions and provide more in-depth information. The gathering can be as informal as you want. We’ve talked to book clubs, visited with neighbors over pie, and sit together in someone’s backyard enjoying fresh lemonade and appetizers. Whatever you want to host, we are happy to be there and/or provide information for you and your guests. And if you have other member-owners you know who are curious about “what the heck is going on with the Co-op?”, we’ll be happy to update them too. Just email us to discuss options.

Co-op Presentations

We want the whole Cedar Valley to know about this amazing effort going on right in their midst to bring a locally-focused, healthy, sustainable full-service grocery store to the area – and there are still many who are not yet aware. Do you belong to a club, organization, or other groups that would welcome a co-op presentation? We are happy to oblige. Do you have a forum at your work (like a lunch and learn) at which we can present? Contact us and let’s talk!