Board Member Spotlight: Joy Thorson

Joy Thorson has been a board member for three years and started a new term last November. What does she do in her spare time besides volunteer for the Cedar Falls Food Co-op? Since retiring from UNI (after 38 years) in 2015 she also volunteers at North Star Community Services spending time playing games and having conversation with the consumers that attend there. She was the Stage Manager for the last two productions that North Star has presented, Pinocchio and Shrek. She has also been active with both the Cedar Falls Community Theatre and the Waterloo Playhouse and has been in over 25 different plays in over 30 years. While every play has had a special place in her heart, one highlight was to play Ouiser Boudreax in Steel Magnolias along with an amazing cast of actors. “I love to make people laugh and that character certainly did just that.”Continue reading

Update from the Board, from Joy Thorson

Once I retired, I never imagined myself learning a lot more about current technology! However, during this self-quarantine I have managed to attend a LOT of Zoom meetings (even hosting a few), play games with family via Zoom, chat with grandchildren even more online, take an online course, and even host Joyful Co-op Connections every week on Facebook Live. I guess you CAN teach an old dog new tricks.Continue reading

A Message from you Membership Committee

Dear Co-op Member Owners & Future Co-op Member Owners –

We really MISS seeing your smiling faces and connecting with each of you, but we want everyone to be safe and healthy. We look forward to the time when we can be gathered together again!

Your membership committee, a plucky group of volunteers who work hard to engage all of you and recruit new member-owners, needs your help! We’re a small, but mighty volunteer crew with a huge passion for our community and our co-op, just like you. Practicing social distancing has created a new challenge for us as we’re unable to host gatherings, have a presence at community events, or gather people together for house parties. So we’re reaching out to you for support & help. We NEED you now more than ever!Continue reading

The UNI Local Food Program

The UNI Local Food Program works to develop a local and regional food system that positively impacts local farmers, consumers and businesses through education, collaboration, and economic development. Local food and knowing where your food came from is now more than ever. While some of the national supply chain is currently being affected, local food producers can help fill those gaps and allow you to still provide your customers with fresh quality products while helping the local economy. Check out which producers in our area currently have products for purchase.Continue reading

Texas Caviar

Texas caviar is a spicy Southwestern salad is the perfect dish to serve at your party or picnic. Black-eyed peas and black beans are mixed with an assortment of vegetables, mostly corn, red bell pepper and onion, and seasonings. This is a light and refreshing bean salad or dip that goes great with corn chips or in a lettuce cup. Make this dish the night before and let the flavors meld together. Texas caviar is a dynamite dish that everyone will love. This was a favorite picnic dish.Continue reading

With Gratitude to our Member-Owners

Gratitude is especially significant at times like these, and we are grateful every day for our community and the many ways we support one another. One way we as a co-op benefit from this support is from investment by individuals and businesses in our community who purchase member shares. A member share provides ownership in this cooperative grocery store and gives the investor an equal voice and vote within the Co-op. This is unique to most other businesses. We look with hope toward our future, and believe that local businesses and community members will be the drivers getting all of us through the uncertainties to come. We can and will do this together.Continue reading

From the Board President: What the Coronavirus Teaches Us, and Next Steps for Your Co-op

This month’s column will be brief. Like most of you, my life has been changed dramatically as a result of the coronavirus. And the changes keeps coming. How will things be different for us a month from now? Two months? No one knows.

I recognize that this pandemic is threatening people’s lives and well-being. And, yet, in the midst of all of this, we still look for those glimmers of hope for our future. Sifting through the daily stream of news and social media outlets, you should easily be able to identify a common theme that I believe provides a ray of hope: We are in this together.

Continue reading

Grilled Lemons and Chive Potatoes

St. Patrick’s Day is always celebrated with boiled corned beef and cabbage, but I could never eat it. So over the years, I have done the traditional foods of the day in different ways. Corned beef became roasted. Instead of boiled cabbage it became coleslaw. Traditional boiled potatoes turned into a variety of options. One of my favorites is grilled lemon and chive potatoes. You can grill them alongside your corned beef.Continue reading