November Board Update

Now that we have a location and we have moved into Phase 3, the Board has been busy planning for the future! In addition to the topics addressed in this newsletter (Capital Campaign, Volunteers, Members, and Scholarship Fund) we have been working on a Communication Strategic Plan to better align the work of all our committees (Site, Operations, Finance, Membership, Capital Campaign, and Communications). Continue reading

Rooted Carrot Co-op Market at 123 7th Street in Historic Downtown Cedar Falls!

We are thrilled to have our site – and WHAT a site it is!  Rooted Carrot Co-op Market will be an anchor to historic downtown Cedar Falls, a highly sought after and bustling area and one that was at the very top of our list. The question was always – how, not why.  The location of the store is the single biggest investment any food co-op ever makes, and while we are part way there – we need you to help take us all to the finish line!  First though, why is this location and project so great?

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Capital Campaign Team Announced

Top: Tom Wickersham (Chair), Co-op Market Board Member; Tom Blanford (Co-chair), Vice President of Corporate Investment, Canadarm Lending Services; Jim Brown, Co-Founder, Midwest Studies Group; Wendy Bowman, Volunteer; Joyce Coil, Retired. Bottom: Blake Conover, President, 1Vision; Susan Lantz, Retired; Christy Pospisil, Project Manager, Strategic Imaging; Connie Svoboda, Development Coordinator, Hartman Reserve for Black Hawk County Conservation; Dave Williams, Community Volunteer and State Representative.

Like all start-up food co-ops, the Rooted Carrot Co-op Market will be conducting a capital campaign to raise the funds necessary to open a full-service grocery store. Continue reading

Site Announcement Volunteer Recognition

Our Site Reveal Event was so much fun and wouldn’t have been the huge success it was without these wonderful people giving their time, their talents, and their energy.  We’d like to thank each of these amazing Rooted Carrot Co-op Market supporters…Continue reading

Tomato Pie Recipe

At this time of the year, the tomato season is almost at an end and what better time to make a Tomato Pie. This Pie is a tribute to tart sweetness of different kinds of tomatoes. It is a very versatile pie which is one of the things I look for in a recipe. You can follow the recipe to the letter or leave out the Prosciutto or use baby tomatoes. Things an be added to the recipe like drained and chopped artichokes or sliced mushrooms. 

I make this tomato pie into a meal by adding a salad and good bread.

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Welcome to our Newest Members!

WHO ARE THE NEWEST ROOTED CARROT CO-OP MARKET MEMBER-OWNERS?  These friends took that important step in supporting your Co-op!

  • Megan Gregorsok, Cedar Falls
  • Lori Seawel, Cedar Falls
  • Andrew Eisenman, Waterloo
  • Nick Evens, Cedar Falls
  • Lauren Dunn, Cedar Falls
  • Marsha Lehs, Independence
  • Mallory DeVries, Charles City
  • Sue Fread, Hudson
  • Pamela Frase, Waterloo
  • Ben Spath, Cedar Falls
  • Chris Salisbury, Cedar Falls
  • Laura Shaner, Cedar Falls

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Board Member Spotlight: Sally Rayzor

Did you watch our site announcement last Monday? Did you hear the fabulous Co-op cheer performed by the Cedar Falls High School cheer-leading squad? You have Sally Rayzor to thank for that along with much more. She is one of our Co-op’s most enthusiastic cheerleaders and fans!Continue reading

October: Message from the Board

September was a very busy month! The future home of the Rooted Carrot Co-op Market will be at 123 7th Street on the corner of Main and 7th Street. The old church between St. Patrick’s and Richardson Funeral Home will be torn down in January. Construction will start next spring and the Co-op is expected to open Spring 2022.Continue reading

Welcome to our newest Member-Owners!


  • Caleb Rosonke, Hudson
  • Tayler Hassman, Cedar Falls
  • Katie McCarthy, Cedar Falls
  • Cindy Wagner, Cedar Falls
  • Rachel Foelske, Cedar Falls
  • Lisa Rolinger, Cedar Falls
  • Philip Nash, Waterloo

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