Annual Member Meeting

Annual Meeting

Every year, in the fall, the Board of Directors hosts an annual meeting for owners to gather and hear about the “State of the Co-op.” This provides a time for reflection on the year that has passed and a look toward what the next year will hold. The Annual Meeting Report includes information on the various events that have taken place, a look at membership growth, and other business and projects that may be relevant to the work of the board and the members. A deep dive into financials is also provided, and the vision of the upcoming year is shared.

The Annual Meeting is also the place where we say a gratitude-filled goodbye to any board members who are ending their service and welcome newly elected members to the Rooted Carrot Co-op Board of Directors.

The meeting is open to all fully invested members, and attendance is strongly encouraged. When we can meet in person, good food, drink, and engaging conversations are also a part of the festivities.


Annual Member Meeting Report 2022