Coming this May…

Another episode of the Co-op Kitchen! Join us in the kitchen on May 18th at 3:30pm for a surprise topic brought to us by the wonderful Luann Alemao. You won’t want to miss it! However, if you’re not able to tune in for our live show, you can always watch or rewatch past shows on the Rooted Carrot Co-op Market’s Youtube channel. The live show is available on our Facebook page. See you soon!

May Board Update

Board members and committee volunteers continue to work hard to open the doors of the Rooted Carrot Co-op Market! Did you see the social media posts during volunteer week? Check them out on Facebook and Instagram (@rootedcarrot) and meet some of our wonderful volunteers and see what committees have been up to. Here are a few things I want to highlight.

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April Message from the Board

Wow! March was a busy month for the Co-op. Welcome new members and thank you to everyone who contributed to the Capital Campaign!  If you didn’t have a chance to contribute there is still time. The board accepted Kate Richmond’s resignation from the board and elected current Board member, Sally Razor, as the new treasurer. We will fill Kate’s position in the fall when it is time to vote for new board members. Could that be you? Consider joining us. Continue reading

Capital Campaign Wraps Up!

We just completed an AMAZING campaign with a HUGE flurry of activity right up to the very end. Once the dust settles, we’ll have the results of this phase of the campaign totaled up (we’ll announce the results soon, hopefully by April 10). During April, your Co-op’s board of directors will be evaluating our progress (and potential opportunities) to decide the next steps for raising the remaining funds needed to get us to $1.6 million. We are confident the goal will be reached.

In the meantime, as we wrap up the paperwork for this phase of the campaign and make plans for the next phase, we continue to accept donations and loan pledges. It’s NOT TOO LATE to get in on the fun!

Shout out to all the volunteer callers and committee members during our campaign. Hundreds of hours and lots of love went into this campaign and we cannot thank you enough!

Also, we want to give many thanks to all who made a loan or a donation – we appreciate you and all your support!