About Membership

Rooted Carrot Co-op Membership

Let’s keep GROWING the Co-op! Look for the Co-op to pop up in unexpected places, and remember to talk to your friends about becoming a member. Let’s keep growing!

A successful food co-op depends upon community members like you. Growing our family of owners is a crucial step toward proving we have the community support and equity required to keep moving through our next phases and ultimately have a store that will be here for future generations. While we do not have a brick-and-mortar store yet, member-owners already receive benefits ranging from business partner discounts to having a vote and say in how the store will be. Your input could influence this community more than anything you’ve ever done before! For a one-time investment of $200 (which can be paid in full or via a monthly payment plan until paid in full), Rooted Carrot Co-op member-owners benefit in the following ways:

1. Special Promotions & Discounts

Our Community Partner program offers special discounts / promotions from area businesses to the Co-op member-owners.

2. Local Pride through Sustainable Goodness

In the Cedar Valley, take pride in being part of Rooted Carrot Co-op—a community-driven effort to create and own a food co-op. We offer convenient access to wholesome, responsibly sourced goods, firmly grounded in the principles of sustainability, education, and accessibility.

Your pride extends to supporting local vendors and farmers, ensuring that every purchase contributes to keeping money circulating within our local economy. Join us in fostering a sense of community pride while making healthy choices easier for everyone. You’ll also get the satisfaction that comes from knowing that you helped create a vibrant, local, community-based store.

3. Voting Privileges

Member-owners get voting privileges in electing and the opportunity to run for the board of directors and the opportunity to influence important decisions regarding your co-op.

4. Investment Opportunities

Member-owners have the opportunity to invest in the member Capital Campaign, which is currently raising important funds for a brick-and-mortar store.

Become a member here. Download the introduction flyer pdf.