Our Volunteers Rock!

During this time when we aren’t holding any in-person events, our Membership Team decided to start reaching out to our members by phone to do a Co-op “check-in”.  We wanted our membership to know we are still here and how much we appreciate and care for each one of our Co-op member-owners.  It has been so wonderful to hear how excited people were to receive a call from another Co-op member and how much they appreciated the call.  We also decided this would be a great opportunity to be sure we had updated addresses, emails, etc.  

I was beyond amazed to have 23 volunteers step up and be willing to make these calls.  With over 1050 members we knew this was a monumental task and we probably wouldn’t be able to reach absolutely everyone, but those 23 volunteers have spent over 54 hours making over 675 calls…so far!  Because of their efforts we have been able to update over 65 members’ contact information, deliver around 25 more yard signs, replace several Membership Cards, answer questions, and encourage everyone to be watching for our upcoming announcements.  All-in-all, this project continues to be a so successful and I hear our callers are having some great conversations and having a lot of fun!

Let’s give a huge THANK YOU to all those amazing volunteer callers:

Luann Alemao
Stacey Bartz
Betsy Brant
Melanie Drake
Katheryn East
Steve Erickson
Suzy Freedman
Brenna Griffin
Kim Groninga
Lana Hochreiter
Linda Holm
Amy Jardon
Eric Jensen
Kris Klinehart
Joni Krejchi
Lisa Nelson
Mary Prostine
Jim Sprau
Tara Sundt
Kay Theusen
Carol Toppin
Carol Watson

Because all these member-owners are each donating a few hours to this calling campaign we are accomplishing so much.  

DIDN’T RECEIVE A CALL?   If we weren’t able to reach you and you need to update your contact information or need a yard sign (limited supply left) or have any questions please email info@rootedcarrot.coop and we’ll be happy to get back to you right away.

SHARE YOUR ENTHUSIASM WITH OTHERS!   We’d love to visit with you about volunteer opportunities and how your talents/skills could contribute to the continued growth of our Co-op!  Volunteers have brought us this far and volunteers will take us to the next phase of the Rooted Carrot Co-op Market!  Please email info@rootedcarrot.coop and use the word “Volunteer” in the subject line.  We’re happy to find a place for you!


Joy Thorson, Chair
Membership Team


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