Message from the Board September 2020

– Jodie Huegerich has been newly appointed as President of the Board of the Rooted Carrot Co-Op. Former president, Tom Wickersham will now serve as the Capital Campaign Committee Chair going forward. 

-The annual Member-Owner meeting, where the board gives the membership and update of the progress of the co-op for the year, has been set for September 30 via Zoom.  

– The membership committee announced four new members joined in August. 

-The committees will be submitting their budgets and the board will be finalizing the 2020-21 fiscal year budget next meeting. 

-The Capital Campaign Committee has been formed and will begin regular meetings in September in anticipation of the launch of an official capitol campaign in the spring. 

-Board Applications have been received and the election of new board members will be September 8-29th. Board members will start their term in November. 


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