We need YOU!  

Our Co-op community has been through a lot. Especially, like everyone else, during the last 18 months. Many of you have given much of your time over the years volunteering for the Co-op, attending events, and giving your support. The pandemic has been particularly hard on our volunteer base. As we are gearing up again and getting closer to our goal, our work is changing and we desperately need more volunteers. 

The volunteers that we need now may look a little different than they did a couple years ago. Back then we needed event volunteers. We needed people to bring food to an event, or to work the door, or even organize and host a house party. 

Today we need human resource professionals to help us with the search for a general manager; we need campaign volunteers and people to write press releases. We need someone to organize and write social media; we need someone to do graphic arts work for our website; we need campaign volunteers, someone to work with our community partners program, and people who would like to play Rooty at community events (well, we always have needed that!). 

Things are getting serious and time is running out!  This winter we have a LOT of work to do. If you volunteered in the past, get in touch with us again. If you know someone who would be good at one of the roles we need to fill, encourage them to volunteer. The Co-op will not happen without the work of volunteers. 

It is our goal to engage 20 new volunteers in the month of October. Please help us make it happen by visiting the Volunteers page on our website (link to https://rootedcarrot.coop/volunteer/) where you can view some of the specialized needs we presently have and fill out a form to let us know about your interests.  Or email us at info@rootedcarrot.coop and we will get in touch with you.

Thank you!  We hope to see many of you soon! 

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