What does “The Rooted Carrot” mean? 

It has been many months since the new name of the co-op was announced. As the vision of the store comes closer and closer to reality, we find ourselves reflecting on why this name stood out and how we are using the imagery of the rooted carrot to remain true to its meaning. 

It really comes down to the word “root.” The image of the root suggests a certain kind of strength. Roots delve deep into the soil, seeking out nutrients and clean water, holding tight to the earth. The dozens of volunteers who have devoted thousands of hours to see this community-owned store come to life are very much like those roots. They have already strengthened and built community through that process. Neighbors getting to know each other and working together have built strong ties to each other and to this community. 

 As we move toward the establishment of a physical store, we will establish further roots that strengthen our community – by connecting local growers and producers with consumers, creating jobs, and adding value to our local economy.  A carrot that is rooted in the ground is still alive, growing, and vibrant. The Co-op, similarly, is not just the physical store that will be established. It is made up of 1086 members (and growing) who own this community resource.

The imagery of the rooted carrot symbolizes the beginning of an idea. It suggests clean soil and water – a place where you want to put your roots down. It represents the need for nurturing and caring, for growth, and life, and maturation. And, of course, it represents good, clean food.  When we think of all of this beautiful imagery, and what our vision of the store will be, there couldn’t be a more fitting name. There couldn’t be a better image to represent the Rooted Carrot Co-op Market.   

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