The Co-op’s New Outreach Coordinator: Melanie Drake


The Cedar Falls Food Co-op is pleased to announce that Melanie Drake has accepted the position of Outreach Coordinator. She will work with new and potential members to help the Cedar Falls Food Co-op move closer to realizing a new store.  The hiring committee interviewed a number of fantastic candidates but felt that Melanie was the best fit for the position.

“I’m thrilled to be in the position of the Outreach Coordinator for the Cedar Falls Food Co-op,” said Melanie. “My husband and I moved to Cedar Falls four years ago because of the community. I had no idea at that time that I would be so involved in the efforts to start a food co-op in the Cedar Valley region. It has been an amazing journey so far with so many dedicated community members who have given countless hours to this endeavor.

“We will have a food co-op in Cedar Falls. While I know we all want this tomorrow, we are taking the time to be intentional about the process and make sure we cover all of the necessary steps to have a sustainable co-op for generations to come.  If there is one thing you take away from this message, let it be the following – when I or others reach out to you to assist with Co-op activities, please always respond to us, even if the answer is, “no.” We would much rather hear from you and know you remain committed to our efforts, even if you cannot assist at that time, then hear nothing from you at all. Thanks to all who have provided support so far and thanks in advance to everyone who will be giving their time and talent for our future efforts.”

By accepting the position, Melanie has stepped down from the Co-op’s Board of Directors. The Board will be appointing a new member to fill her vacancy. Please join us in welcoming Melanie in her new role!

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