Welcome to the latest Member-Owners!

As 2021 comes to a close, we continue to see an uptick in new member-owners. Your Rooted Carrot Co-op member-owner total is now 1178! 

Please join us in welcoming our most recent Rooted Carrot Co-op member-owners:

Jessica Bedard

Kathryn Gilbery

Sue Savereide

Dianne Schultz

Gil Schultz

Vesta Sobczyk

Co-op membership is ownership meaning that you are a co-owner of this business and have an equal vote and say in how it is run. Is there any other business you can co-own for a $200 member share purchase? 

We are almost to 1200 member-owners! If you are not yet an owner, join these newest Co-op friends using our online membership form today. We have payment plans AND gift memberships too.


We thank every member-owner who is investing in this community-owned cooperative grocery business. We can’t do this without each of you!

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