November Message from the Board

It has been a busy time for the Co-op! We hosted our annual member-owner meeting over Zoom last Wednesday, October 27th. The recording of that meeting and our annual report will be available soon. Our Board Elections wrapped up October 28th and we elected Lisa Nelson as a new member and re-elected Paige Everly and Kate Dunning as returning board members. We look forward to our board meeting this week to get to know everyone! 

We said goodbye to Board Member, Sally Razor. Sally has served 2 terms and she has been the board secretary, co-chaired the Operations Committee, and also served as interim treasurer. For those of you that don’t know Sally, she is a bright light and it’s been wonderful to have her on the team. She’s been willing to serve wherever she was needed and learn what needed to be done. Thanks so much for all of your hard work, Sally, and we will miss having you on the board! 

We have a limited number of yard signs to distribute to member-owners. Email if you would like a free yard sign. Once you have a sign put up this fall and then keep it to put back up in the spring. 

We have a new, tentative updated timeline for the project. 

Now through December ’21 = asbestos abatement and demo of current bldg

Now through December ‘21= developer submits entire project to Planning & Zoning 

Now through December ‘21=The project is reviewed in 2 of 2 PZ meetings held (potentially 11/23 & 12/8)

January  ’22 = City Council meeting reviews and ideally approves project (potentially 1/3)

Feb-March ‘22= 2nd phase of RCCM’s Cap Campaign

Spring/Early Summer ’22 = the dig begins

Summer ‘22= the build begins on both the interior & exterior 

Spring/Summer ’23 = RCCM doors open!

You can continue to get regular updates about Rooted Carrot on the website, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, emails, and this Garlic Press Newsletter. 

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