June Message from the Board

It continues to be a busy time for the Co-op Board. We are actively working behind the scenes at our meetings and with our committee members to open the doors of the Rooted Carrot Co-op! Did you see the board picture on Facebook or Instagram of our first in-person board meeting in 14 months? Speaking of the board, are you interested in becoming a board member? Elections will take place again this fall and board packets will be available this summer.

As a Board, we are fully confident that our campaign will be successful in securing $1.6M. Read the Capital Campaign update in this issue of the Garlic Press to find out why and how you can help us reach that goal. The Site Committee continues to stay in regular communication with the developer and the City of Cedar Falls while they work on finalizing the developer agreement. The developer agreement includes potential residential parking beneath the store. This is fantastic for the Co-op because we have voiced our need for parking adjacent to the store, and we have been heard! The Site Committee and the Board will keep you updated.

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Jodie Huegerich

Board President


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