May Board Update

Board members and committee volunteers continue to work hard to open the doors of the Rooted Carrot Co-op Market! Did you see the social media posts during volunteer week? Check them out on Facebook and Instagram (@rootedcarrot) and meet some of our wonderful volunteers and see what committees have been up to. Here are a few things I want to highlight.

Capital Campaign updates will be available soon! Watch your inbox for more information. The Capital Campaign Committee is working hard behind the scenes to finalize numbers, thank donors and investors, and thank the volunteer callers who reached out to all our members!

The Operations Committee is finalizing details for the process of hiring a General Manager (GM). The GM will be hired six to nine months before the store opens.

The Membership Committee has some really fun things planned for June! Stay tuned to the Garlic Press and social media for more details!

Watch for our next board update this week on Facebook and you can always check out those videos and more at the Rooted Carrot YouTube Channel!

Jodie Huegerich, RD
Board President


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