Principle Number 2: Democratic Member Control

Rooted Carrot is a co-op ever establishing and growing itself in membership and benefit to Cedar Falls, Waterloo, and the surrounding communities.  We are governed by seven co-op principles that make us distinct from other organizations.

The second principle is Democratic Governance.  The Rooted Carrot Is a democratic organization that is controlled by the members of the co-op.  The members actively participate in setting up the policies and making decisions.  Elected representatives are accountable to the membership.  In a primary cooperative (established to meet the member’s social-economic need), members have equal voting rights.  That means that one member will receive one vote.

A properly functioning governance system clearly defines the roles of the members, the Board of Directors, and the management.  The membership group (members or shareholders) are responsible for all corporate matters and significant policy matters.  The Board of Directors is responsible for all the Policy and Governance matters that are not handled by the membership group.  The management group is responsible for carrying out the regular business of the firm.

“The governance system provides the means for matters of organizational direction and policy to be dealt with democratically.” – The ICA Group.  A co-op governance has three key objectives.  First, to establish organizational policies that are: of high quality, responsive to the wishes of the co-op members, and are accepted throughout the organization.  Secondly, to protect the personal rights of co-op members, as well as handle any complaints.  And lastly, to make sure that the governance system continues to be effective and efficient.

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