Principle Number One: Open & Voluntary Membership

Rooted Carrot is a co-op ever establishing and growing itself in membership and benefit to Cedar Falls, Waterloo, and the surrounding communities.  We are governed by seven co-op principles that make us distinct from other organizations. Each month you will learn more about each one of the principles. 

The first principle is that our membership is voluntary and open to all that can reasonably use our services and accept the responsibilities of membership.  We do not discriminate, regardless of race, religion, gender, or economic circumstances.  Rooted Carrot is united and formed to satisfy the needs of our members.  We also have a social responsibility in ensuring that the communities we service develop economically, socially, and culturally.

Members and businesses that make up the Rooted Carrot are community members that believe in honesty, openness, social responsibility, and caring for others.  As a co-op, we enable consumers to obtain needed goods or services that are not able to be provided otherwise in quality and value.  We also function as a stable, community-based business anchor.  Evidence proves that cooperatives successfully address the effects of crises and survive crises better than other kinds of enterprises.

For the consumer that seeks to enhance the health and well-being of the greater Cedar Valley and leave a positive foot-print for future generations, voluntary membership in the Rooted Carrot is a wise choice.  Your commitment to help the co-op grow will better the current and future community four-fold.  You will aid in strengthening our community’s economy and quality of life by investing in local producers and area businesses.  Members will be championing diversity by upholding a culture of acceptance and belonging.  All are valued and welcomed.  Education is upheld by the co-op encouraging informed choices on issues of food, wellness, the environment, and human rights.  We also cultivate a healthy community and world by choosing sustainable products and practices built on long-term outcomes.

In making a commitment and becoming a voluntary member of the Rooted Carrot, you will be able to unite with others to satisfy common economic, social, and cultural needs.  You will benefit by helping to provide great tasting, nutritious food for your household and others, while building a stronger community and a healthier world.  Please make the time to consider joining the Rooted Carrot as a member today.

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