Joining the Co-op is STILL as easy as PIE! 

You have through January 2021 to take advantage of this SWEET deal!

The Rooted Carrot Co-op is extending the opportunity for new fully invested member-owners to receive a homemade pie along with all the other membership benefits through January!   Not only will new members enjoy all the current benefits of membership but they will also receive a Gift Certificate for a delicious pie made by The Pie Lady!  You heard that right!  All new members will have 1 entire year to redeem their Gift Certificate and order the fruit pie of their choice!  The Pie Lady, aka Laura Bru, is not only a proud member of the Co-op she is also a Business Partner.  The Pie Lade offers each of our current members $1 off every pie you purchase from her business!

For every 5 new members a piece of the “PIE CHART” on our webpage will disappear! Let’s see the entire pie vanish!


  1. New, paid in full membership through January 2021
  2. Must like pie!

Will you help devour the pie?   Join Today – Rooted Carrot Co-op

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