Board Member Spotlight: Paige Everly

If you attended our virtual annual member-owner meeting last month, the incredibly informative powerpoint you saw was put together by Paige Everly. Having been a board member for over a year, Paige has gifted the Rooted Carrot Co-op with her many talents that extend far beyond beautifully-put-together powerpoint presentations. And those who are lucky to serve on the board or committees with her often comment on her wonderful sense of humor and good story-telling.

Paige is no stranger to co-ops, having worked at New Pioneer Co-op in Iowa City years ago. She was assistant director of the deli, and a conversation with her about that experience almost always ends up in a description of one of the unique fresh recipes she mastered during that time. More recently, when she came back to her hometown of Cedar Falls, it was a no-brainer that she would invest in our Co-op as a member-owner. But she didn’t stop there. She joined the membership committee and has tirelessly provided her energy, expertise and enthusiasm to that work and beyond.  

Paige is a planner, and when she is helping put together one of our events, she leaves no stone unturned, even down to the smallest details. If you attended past events such as our Potluck in the Park, you would have experienced this with the adorable yet functional hand sanitizing station she brought. Or the beautiful signs she created for the food at our Member Mixer she organized at Octopus on College Hill. Paige also has an uncanny knack for seeing the big picture which serves her well in her board and other committee work. And she recently became the chair of the Operations Committee tasked with much important work ahead, such as hiring the General Manager.

Outside of Co-op time, Paige has many other passions. She works for Grinnell College’s Office of Development and Alumni Relations and one of her main responsibilities is overseeing Alumni Reunion, one of the longest-standing and largest events on that campus. She has volunteered for the Mid-Iowa Action Center (MICA) and the League of Women Voters. She loves spending time outdoors, specifically on the water in Eastern Iowa. When she’s indoors, she enjoys cooking and trying out new recipes. 

Inspired by her mom, who is also a Co-op member-owner, Paige looks at our start-up Co-op through a unique lens. “My mother started her own business when I was in grade school, and I know personally how important it is to support small, local businesses,” she says. “I am honored to work toward the goal of creating a store that will support our local economy, and remind us all to keep our dollars within our community.” 

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