Board Member Spotlight: Angela Yancy

Welcome to our new board member, Angela Yancy. She started in November and has been actively volunteering for the Co-op these past months by helping the Membership and Communication Teams with various tasks.

What does Angela do when she isn’t volunteering for the Co-op? She stays at home with her 5 year old twins and her three year old. She also volunteers at the Northeast Iowa Food Bank in the pantry and in the garden. In past years she has also been a Lego League coach. She and her wife moved to the Cedar Valley several years ago. Her wife currently works as an OB/Gyn at Allen Hospital.

As a family they really enjoy being outside and taking road trips! Personally, Angela loves to read, work crossword puzzles, cook and tinker around in the garage.

Why is she passionate about the Rooted Carrot Co-op Market? She would like a place that is inclusive and comfortable and believes everyone deserves to access the benefits a co-op provides to both individuals and the community. “I am excited to work with a team that shares this vision!”

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