Welcome to our Newest Members!

WHO ARE THE NEWEST ROOTED CARROT CO-OP MARKET MEMBER-OWNERS?  These friends took that important step in supporting your Co-op!

  • Megan Gregorsok, Cedar Falls
  • Lori Seawel, Cedar Falls
  • Andrew Eisenman, Waterloo
  • Nick Evens, Cedar Falls
  • Lauren Dunn, Cedar Falls
  • Marsha Lehs, Independence
  • Mallory DeVries, Charles City
  • Sue Fread, Hudson
  • Pamela Frase, Waterloo
  • Ben Spath, Cedar Falls
  • Chris Salisbury, Cedar Falls
  • Laura Shaner, Cedar Falls

Are you going to be the next excited member-owner?  Now you know of our future location so don’t wait…JOIN TODAY!

Complete your membership by filling out your application and purchasing your share all online right here, right now:  https://rootedcarrot.coop/join-today/

REMEMBER!  The more Owners, the stronger and more sustainable our Co-op will be. Join today!

Owner Benefits

Co-op Member-Owners purchase a one-time share for $200 (no annual fee, payable in $50 installments) and receive awesome benefits:

  • You receive specials at over 75 local businesses right now!
  • In profitable years, Owners receive an annual dividend ($) based on how much you shopped
  • You get a say in our products, programs, and classes
  • You receive Owner in-store specials when we open
  • You get a vote in our Board leadership and the opportunity to serve on the Board


  • You get a grocery store that sources from local farms and producers, pays good wages with benefits, reduces our food’s carbon footprint, increases access to healthy food for all, and builds a thriving local economy.

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