Location announcement on the way!

We have a location identified for the Rooted Carrot Cooperative Market! The Site Team is on fire right now working many hours per week collaborating with property owners, architects, city personnel, bankers, consultants – you name it, they are planning and discussing it!

Thank you to the Site Team Committee members for all their hard work–Christine Sexton, Tom Wickersham, Terry Stewart, Kate Dunning, Deanna Wheeler, and Mark Westbrock.

We are excited to move from Stage 2 (Feasibility and Planning) to Stage 3 (Implementation). Stay tuned for the announcement of the location on Monday, September 21st. Don’t miss the Annual Member Meeting on Wednesday, September 30th to stay up-to-date on all the exciting news from your Co-op.

Jodie Huegerich,
Board President

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