A Message from you Membership Committee

Dear Co-op Member Owners & Future Co-op Member Owners –

We really MISS seeing your smiling faces and connecting with each of you, but we want everyone to be safe and healthy. We look forward to the time when we can be gathered together again!

Your membership committee, a plucky group of volunteers who work hard to engage all of you and recruit new member-owners, needs your help! We’re a small, but mighty volunteer crew with a huge passion for our community and our co-op, just like you. Practicing social distancing has created a new challenge for us as we’re unable to host gatherings, have a presence at community events, or gather people together for house parties. So we’re reaching out to you for support & help. We NEED you now more than ever!
How can you help?
– Share our Facebook posts or add a comment to the post
– Keep talking to your friends, family and coworkers about the co-op. Share your story and tell them why you became a member owner or are interested in becoming a member-owner. Share what a Co-op means to you and to the community. Do you need talking points on where we’re currently at? Check out our FAQ’s page for information.
– Refer people to us if they have questions – we’re happy to help. EMAIL: info@cedarfallsfood.coop
– Take a picture of yourself and perhaps your family or make a short video of what you’re doing during this quarantine for us to share on Facebook so our Co-op family can gather virtually since we can’t be together in person. It’s valuable for all of us to understand how much our Co-op family cares about each other.
As Co-op owners/future owners we’re all invested in seeing our bricks and mortar store open so our entire community can be shopping at our co-op in the future! We have a great group of dedicated volunteers who are putting in a lot of hours to make it all happen. Please help us bring our Co-op community together virtually and as continue to grow with new co-op member owners. Interested in joining today or know someone who is? Join Today! Let’s all get ONE and we’ll GET THIS DONE!

Your Membership Committee:
Joy Thorson, Chair
Luann Alemao
Cathy DeSoto
Melanie Drake
Paige Everly
Sarah Foster
Lisa Gordon
Sara Jansen
Jie Liu

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