Catch the Co-op excitement!

Supporters of the Rooted Carrot Co-op are excited to bring a co-op to the Cedar Valley. They believe in what co-ops stand for. They are excited about the opportunities for growth, wellness, and sustainability it bring to our community and they have confidence in the planning process of the Rooted Carrot Co-op. Watch now.

Values:  When we support our Co-op we know we have confidence that our actions align with values. This is the true meaning of integrity. Listen as these Rooted Carrot Co-op supporters talk about the values they share with our Co-op.

Confidence:   Co-ops don’t just pop-up. Countless hours of research, consulting, and planning have gone into the development of the Rooted Carrot business model. Listen as these Rooted Carrot Co-op supporters express their confidence in the success of our Co-op.

Community:  The Rooted Carrot Co-op is rooted in community. The Co-op will have a positive impact on our economy, our health, and the health of our planet. It is already building a sense of community around co-op values.  Having a local co-op speaks volumes about the community and its member-owners.  Listen as these Rooted Carrot Co-op supporters share how the Co-op is creating and sustaining community here in the Cedar Valley.

Editing services of our campaign video were provided by Cole Kelley, a Waterloo West High Senior, and his Video Production instructor at the Waterloo Career Center, Matt Dunkerton.