Board Member Spotlight: Christine Sexton

During a recent meeting, board members were asked to share why they volunteer their time and energy to the Rooted Carrot Co-op Market. Their reflections were truly inspiring, so we wanted to share them with all members and challenge others to consider their “why” behind the co-op’s support. Please enjoy board member Christine Sexton’s “why” story.

A big part of the reason that I continue to volunteer my time working to establish the Co-op store is the economic benefits that it will bring to our community. Cedar Valley residents spend upwards of $300 million dollars on groceries every year; currently the vast majority of the profits from that spending goes to companies that are based either in Des Moines or outside the state of Iowa. All of the profits from the Co-op, on the other hand, will remain right here in the Cedar Valley and can be cycled back into other parts of our local economy. Our local producers will also benefit by having a consistent, year-round venue to sell their goods, potentially making it more feasible for them to expand their operations and create jobs. Further, food co-ops have been shown to spur new small business creation in their communities, by offering a place for artisans and producers to sell their goods. The ripple effects of these economic effects will benefit the entire Cedar Valley, whether you shop at the Co-op or not.

Equally as important to me are the less tangible ways that the Co-op will benefit our community. It will be our store, unique to the Cedar Valley, not just another Hy-Vee or Walmart. It will contribute to an increased sense of place and pride in our community. Just like our amazing trail system and the thriving small businesses of Main Street, it will be a unique asset that draws people to the Cedar Valley because it’s a place like no other.

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