Grilled Lemons and Chive Potatoes

St. Patrick’s Day is always celebrated with boiled corned beef and cabbage, but I could never eat it. So over the years, I have done the traditional foods of the day in different ways. Corned beef became roasted. Instead of boiled cabbage it became coleslaw. Traditional boiled potatoes turned into a variety of options. One of my favorites is grilled lemon and chive potatoes. You can grill them alongside your corned beef.Continue reading

Three questions about buying local for your health

What are some reasons a person might want to buy their meat from a local farm?

One reason is they might want to know how the animals were raised, and the best way to know how they were raised is to know your farmer. There are a couple of reasons people might care about how the meat was raised. One is a kindness issue. Some people care about the animals’ quality of life. Although filming inside large animal feeding operations is often against the law, there is plenty of information available that give people reason to be concerned about the possible suffering of farm animals. Some people just have a gut level aversion to the idea of animals living and dying in overcrowded, inside-only living conditions. And they do not want their money to support that. Continue reading

Green Food Potluck for St. Paddy’s Day Fun

All are welcome to join us on Monday, March 16 from 6 – 8 p.m. at Second State Brewing in downtown Cedar Falls for a Green Food potluck in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. So get creative and bring a dish to share containing green food. And if you don’t have time/energy to cook, just grab something to go at a food store – the most important thing is your presence! Please be sure to label your dish with the ingredients for those with specific food allergies or other food needs. We also encourage you to bring your own tableware if possible to help reduce landfill waste.Continue reading

From the Board President: What Does “Horton Hear a Who” Have to Do with Your Co-op?

This book is likely familiar to everyone. It’s been around for over 65 years:

The recognized hero in the Dr. Seuss classic Horton Hears a Who is, of course, Horton the elephant. With his incredible hearing ability, Horton is able to identify an entire planet of people, Whoville, living on a speck of dust and he then begins an adventure in protecting the Whos against the other animals in the jungle. But another hero of the children’s book is a much different character. What does this hero have to do with you Co-op? Stay tuned…Continue reading