A Farm Fresh Experience!

Several Co-op members and friends, had the privilege of hanging out with owner Lindsay Kaiser of Kaiser Farm at her garden in Waverly last month.  Kaiser Farm is a Certified Organic grower with goals of protecting the fertile Iowa soils and providing their customers with the best produce possible. Lindsay is also a co-op member-owner and huge supporter. Having offered a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program in the past, with the addition of a second little one to the family last year, Kaiser Farm has decided to focus exclusively on the Cedar Falls Farmer’s Market this season.  Continue reading

Summer Memories (and a recipe) from Co-op Member-Owner Cynthia Foster

When I think summer, I think of food my mother made from scratch: the pies, the jellies, and the freezer full of vegetables and fruit she preserved. My favorite summer vegetable is that grand globe of red goodness called a tomato. We had tomato sandwiches, tomato and cucumber salad, sliced tomatoes and fried green tomatoes. My favorite of those of course were the fried green tomatoes. My mother was a master at making them. I imagine you might like this recipe to use some of those garden tomatoes if you are willing to pick them green.Continue reading