From the Board President: Board Election Results and Other News

A recent encounter I had with a community member about the Cedar Falls Food Co-op reminded me that no matter how many conversations you have, how many social media posts are created, and how many presentations are made in front of civic groups, the idea of what the Co-op will be is still not clearly understood by many. So even though “Joe” knew about the Co-op, including what the cost of a membership is and that we were searching for a location, I could tell he was still uncertain about many of the details. When you get to the core of his questioning, it was basically this: How is the Co-op different than any other business that might operate in Cedar Falls? Continue reading

CFFC Soup Swap

If you love soup, you’ll want to join us for this delicious event!

Swap some soup to keep the soup on throughout the month of December! Join other creative home cooks to stock your freezer and gather some new soup recipes.Continue reading