More Sweet Deals for Cedar Falls Food Co-op Member-Owners!

Chotto House is a membership based business, but their store, cafe, and classes are open to the public.  They specialize in bubble teas, coffee, smoothies, crepes, pastries, and classes! What kind of classes do they offer, you ask? So far, they have taught a cake decorating class, with more to come including lessons on Thai cuisine and kid’s activities! If you’re in the mood for shopping, Chotto House can help you there as well, as they offer items that would make a perfect gift. Chotto House knows the value of supporting local businesses, so they signed up right away to be a business partner! Co-op member-owners can become automatic members (show your Co-op membership card) of Chotto House and receive one free class per month, plus one free bubble tea, smoothie, or crepe per month.  Also, if you bring a friend, they will receive 1/3 off the price of a class! Sweet deal, right! Check them out on Facebook and online:

Don’t forget to take advantage of all the co-op member discounts you are eligible for. Check on who all our business partners are here:  The savings really add up!

Member Spotlight: Betsy Brandt

Betsy Brandt and her husband Lynn have lived in Cedar Falls for 35 years. They have two grown daughters and two grandchildren. Betsy is a retired teacher.  
She enjoys living in Cedar Falls because it is a small enough community to feel a part of things and big enough including Waterloo and UNI that there are always interesting things to see and do. Betsy is very fond of the library and The World’s Window.  She also loves Stam, the chocolate shop, Cottonwood Canyon, and the Kitchen Essentials store. 

Betsy is looking forward to having the Co-op in the downtown area so that she can walk there and get good fresh vegetables. She would also be interested in any classes on nutrition and food preparation at the Co-op. She likes the idea of a deli in the store and having another gathering place down town.

Betsy likes to read, write, garden, travel, and be out in nature. She volunteers at the Book Nook, Arboretum, and The World’s window.  
Betsy says it’s hard to say what her favorite foods are because she loves lots of different things like fish, fresh fruits, and vegetables.  Her favorite things lately are asparagus, hummus, and avocados.  She likes trying foods from various ethnicities, especially Mexican and Indian.
Her favorite season is summer with late spring as a close second.  
Betsy is thankful that the Co-op works to help members get to know one another.  She says that is another attraction to being a part of the Co-op!

Recipe: One Pot Greek Chicken & Lemon Rice

One pot meals are an easy way to get a nutritious meal on the table. Chicken thighs are super tasty and economical. The seasonings in this recipe really absorb into the chicken and the rice making this dish burst with flavor. This recipe uses fresh squeezed lemons, which are great for good gut health too. Add a green cruciferous summer vegetable like some fresh broccoli from the Farmers Market and you’ll be ready to eat in about an hour.Continue reading

2017 Board Elections

This fall, the Cedar Falls Food Co-op will be conducting its annual elections for the Board of Directors. Before that gets underway, though, there’s still an opportunity for you to run for the Board.


The Co-op is currently accepting applications for members interested in serving on the Board. Details about running for the Board are on the Co-op’s website. There you’ll find an application and other important details, including a comprehensive FAQ.  Mailed applications should be postmarked by Thursday, September 7, and emailed applications should be sent by midnight on Saturday, September 9.

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Octopus Event

Join us in August for a Cedar Falls Food Co-op Celebration! We are thrilled to have more than 600 member-owners, which is cause for celebration for sure. In addition, we are on our way toward 700, and if we get there by August 27, we’ll have some surprises for you at this event. Octopus College Hill is partnering with us to host a Co-op celebration, Sunday, August 27 from 5 – 8 p.m. All are welcome – there will be food, drink, music, conversation and much more. We hope you will stop by to connect with other Co-op supporters, learn more about where we’ve come and where we are headed, and to just relax and have a good time! Not a member-owner yet? No problem – we are happy to host you and answer any questions you have.

August Outreach Coordinator Update

The room was charged with positive energy at last month’s membership and communications joint committee meeting. We were excited to discuss the amazing membership growth we experienced in the month of June – our biggest month yet with 78 new member-owners! In July, new member-owners continued to join at a rapid pace, and I am thrilled to see the Co-op turn this important corner in its development!

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From the Board President: By the Numbers: The Co-op Index

As our Co-op continues to move closer to opening a full-service, community owned grocery store, we tend to gauge our progress on one factor: how many members we have. As I’ve written before, our progress is determined by multiple factors: sales projections, annual budgets, capital raised, number of house parties, etc. At our last board meeting we spent a lot of time discussing how to increase the number of member-owners attending the upcoming annual Member-Owner meeting (save the date: Tuesday, Oct. 24 in the evening).

This got me thinking: It’s all about the numbers. It’s not, for example, as powerful to tell people that we have a Business Partner program where local businesses are supporting our efforts by offering discounts at their stores for Co-op members. It’s more powerful to say that 57 businesses are part of this program!

So, with apologies to the Harper’s Magazine, I’d like to present to you, The Cedar Falls Food Co-op Index:Continue reading

Board Happenings: July 2017

– We had an AMAZING June, and July was another great month for membership. A huge congrats and thanks to everyone who helped us grow to this point.
– So far this years our volunteers have donated over 410 hours, totaling over $40,000 worth of wages.
– We’ve heard how much you all love the yards signs. If you were able to get one before we ran out, snap a selfie with it and tag us to let all your friends know how proud you are to be a co-op owner!
– We know that August is going to be just as great as June and July we’re already planning to celebrate. Join us at the Octopus on August 27th as we work out way Onward and Upward to 700!
– We’ve decided to become a member of the Cooperative Grocer Network. This is a national network of food co-ops that offers a number of benefits, including discounts, resources, and access to industry experts.
– Now accepting applications for our next set of Board members. If you’re interested in learning more or applying, visit for more information.