Sweet Corn Meet Recipe Winners and Cooking with Herbs Recipe

Did you join us for the Sweet Corn Meet? Kara from Three Pines Farm featured a caramel corn ice cream with sweet corn brittle & it was to die for! 100% of the non-members in attendance joined at the event & we are excited to welcome them to our family!

Check out the winning recipes below, as well as the herb dip Luann Alemao made during her Cooking with Herbs class.

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From the Board President: What does P2 mean to you?

During the day, I have the privilege of working at a local nonprofit. I love what I do. Don’t get me started talking about it! But I also love volunteering as president of the Cedar Falls Food Co-op. As one of a growing legion of Founding Owners, I’m just one voice, so I rely on hearing from other member-owners for perspective. (Seriously, send me an email (tomwick@sbcglobal.net) or give me a call (319-830-3742) whenever you have questions, ideas or suggestions.) Beyond hearing from other member-owners, I also rely heavily on my fellow Co-op Board members. They are an amazing group!

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